Google Tour Builder

Geography apps can be used in various subject matters to showcase geography’s impact. For example, In history they could be used to track an explorer’s journey, in math you could track a dream vacation to keep up with expenditures and… Read More ›

Go! Diigo! Go!

Hands down! This is the very best bookmarking site there is. Diigo! Sure it can bookmark, but it can also mark—  Need to highlight the text? What color?!! Want to add notes, easy! Want to bookmark the page for later,… Read More ›

TimeLine Creator

I found a very simple timeline creator that’s free to use, and has impressive literacy results.  What’s ideal about this creator is that students have to really think in order to have a good timeline. An interesting component is that… Read More ›

Word Clouds

I have been using Tagxedo for the past few years as a sort of getting to know you tool. Students at the beginning of the year create a word cloud to introduce themselves to the class. This becomes handy in… Read More ›