Make Your Homepage in Canvas Rock!

The beauty of Canvas is that it is an empty canvas with limitless amounts of tools to use at your disposal. Creativity in course design is also open to imagination. The rich text editor is quite robust, but if you venture into altering the html, the options are limitless . Your homepage can be as simple or complete as you want it to be. This tutorial will teach you how to make an amazing webpage in Canvas integrating Bitmoji, and Canva to an explosion of creating your very own unique homepage


  1. If you don’t already have a bitmoji of yourself, create one on your mobile device. Here’s a 5 minute online tutorial (there are plenty to choose from).
  2. Add the bitmoji extension to your browser (the video below will explain what this is, if you are not sure).
  3. Make a new page in Canva, (You can later make it your homepage when it is ready to publish).
  4. Create a Canva account. (This is NOT the same as Canvas, they are 2 separate and distinct tools).
  5. Watch the below video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:


If you found this tutorial helpful, please be sure to comment, and/share a link or screenshot of your page.

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