Make a GIF to Display Student Work

How many times have you wanted to showcase a lot of students’ work, but you just could not choose which projects to show on your parent newsletter or which ones to post on your limited bulletin board space? Did you wish you had more room? By making a GIF, you can easily showcase student work so parents and families can get a sense of what students are completing. It’s the same process given in the blog post about creating GIFs to give short instructions. Basically, you take images of students work, and run upload them to a GifMaker.

The following projects were created by 6th grade students who used basic Javascript in the Khan Academy lessons to code an animal

The projects were posted on our Weekly agendas as well, and you could hear the stir of excitement the kids had at seeing each others (especially their own) displayed. Students felt a sense of pride having their projects all showcased, and it’s very easy, honestly a lot easier than printing and stapling all the great projects on the bulletin board!

Categories: Pedagogy

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