Bitmoji Classroom

Screenshot 2020-07-24 11.29.43I have recently discovered this new trend in distance learning. Teachers are using their little Bitmoji avatars to make cute, creative virtual classrooms. Why, you ask? Because teachers are never satisfied with basic and boring! We are given the challenge of teaching our students from home and so many of us want to make the experience as wonderful as possible! 

So how does a teacher use these amazing Bitmoji Classrooms? Essentially they are web pages. You can use them anyway you would normally use a Google slide or webpage to give your students resources. Here just a few ways teachers are using Bitmoji Classrooms:

  • Homepage – As a link in Google Classroom where the students start their day
  • Agenda – A place where lessons, links or videos are located for the week or day
  • About Me – An introduction to the teacher
  • Library – A classroom library with links to online books or videos
  • Math Resource Room – A room with resources to math games or digital manipulatives
  • Schoology Webpages
  • Zoom Expectations
  • Computer lab with resources to online resources

Screenshot 2020-07-22 16.59.42The possibilities are endless. YouTube has amazing resources for designing these cute virtual rooms. There is also a Facebook group where you can collaborate with other educators and share rooms. There are free graphics all over the web. Here are a list of my favorite resources:

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