Play in the SandBox with Karel and CodeHS

There is so much more to CodeHS, than just the user friendly lessons! The most creative part of the platform is the chance to create using the Sandbox. In many learning programs, you follow instructions to create lessons. CodeHS, also has a place for students to create, practice, and imagine!

They call it the Sandbox, and like a sandbox, students can build to their heart’s content.

In our class, students first followed a short tutorial on how to create a Sandbox Challenge. Watch their video tutorial below:

The end result were highly creative projects a couple weeks later:


Though we hadn’t learned yet how to make loops in code, some students wanted to learn more for their own projects even. See 7th grade student Noah, include loops in his code: Looping Code

Give a kid a place to play and the tools and know how then step back and wonder at what they create. The sky is the limit!

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