Student Made Infographics

Instead of a poster, have students make infographics of statistical facts. Doing this makes numbers meaningful and can reinforce the concept of fractions and percents. It’s helpful to show students infographics and have them pick out their favorites and explain why. Infographics have clear color schemes. To make professional looking infographics, students are told they can choose any color scheme at this website. But must stay in the color scheme.

There are many programs online that can help make Infographics, but I prefer Google Draw.

Here are 2 techniques:Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.23.17 PM

  1. Masking: overlaying a “mask” on top of the number. The black is simply a picture on top of the red number. i invented the technique myself using my computers built in tools. When the number is black, take a screenshot of the number which turns it into an image. Then cut it down(the black above is about 25% of the picture). Then change the color of the original number (otherwise you will be putting a black mask on a black number). Finally, paste the mask back on top of the number.Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.29.03 PM
  2. Picture Representations: We choose a simple object which has color options to change the color. The above image is a man representation. If you click on an image in Google Draw you are are given options (often) to change the coloring. Of course, there are ways to color the objects in other programs if you want. Sometimes students mask one of the people to represent 55% or the like. (in which case half of the person would be red and half black). It’s actually easier to mask images than it is numbers. But I will let you figure out why when you play with the features.Cyber Bullying Infographic

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