CAD Unit Project for a Math Classroom

As a computer teacher who teaches a semester of computer aided design, I wanted to share a program which would be a great project addition to a math classroom. My 7th grade students practice so many skills in this unit, and their projects look amazing!

Example of a student’s finished project.

Creating a professional floorplan is very easy with Floorplanner. I scaffold with my students measuring my classroom and making a floorplan with the web app.  Then students measure other classrooms on campus to create a model of another classroom on their own. By doing a floorplan students practice a lot of math skills. They practice measuring accurately, scaling down the size of a room, and converting inches to feet and feet to inches.

The program is easy to use and looks very nice. It has a lot of furniture built in and you can customize a lot of options. It is limited in scope which makes it an easy addition to any classroom (not only a computer classroom).

  1. We first make a model using graph paper.
  2. Students take the model to create using the computer.
  3. They create in 2D
  4. Floorplanner creates a 3D model with the press of a button

(Click on the above pictures for a larger view).


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  1. Great use of technology in the classroom. I love the 3D creation!


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