Open House with Google Sites

Create a website so that when parents come to Open House, they can find their child’s name, and view a portfolio of projects throughout the year. It’s actually pretty simple using Google’s Suite of applications.

My students created a Google Drawing document which links to 6 of their favorite projects over the school year to share at open house. Since I know that often parents show up without their child, this year, I made a Google site so that parents could easily check their child’s projects even if their child was not with them to log into their accounts.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 8.43.51 PM

Ms. McClure’s Class Page

Admittedly, I got this amazing idea from my teaching partner, Linda McClure. She used the ultra easy new sites to create her Class Open House Webpage. She also embedded an extra credit form for parents to fill out. The new sites platform makes this very easy and lets you move objects around through a grid like system.


I used the classic sites page to create my Open House Page. I also embedded an extra credit form onto each of my class pages. I did this by going into the html of the page. But you don’t need to know html to create a great site, as the new version let’s you embed the form easily.

A few parents who came to Open House without their child commented on how easy this was, and how they wished every teacher would do this.
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 8.42.54 PM


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