Paired Computer Challenges

I recently wrote a blog on pair programming and someone asked me if you can use the same dynamic to other computer lesson, not just programming. I am a computer teacher that teaches various computer classes including computer aided drafting, programming, and film production.

The answer is Absolutely! In fact I paired my students up in our CAD unit before I implemented pair programming. Students working 2 to a computer is an excellent teaching strategy and method

The process is the same:

  1. Come up with a challenge in which students work together.
  2. Have students discuss a plan before working on the computer
  3. Have clear roles: Navigator who directs the driver and Driver who has control if the mouse and keyboard
  4. Switch roles every 2 minutes so that students share active roles. HINT: I recommend wearing a watch that notifies you every 2 minutes or you may forget. Or you cab assign a student to be the timekeeper and use their own device for this purpose.

Why pair up students on computers when you have one to one?

Pair workCooperative learning leads to more growth and active learning. Pairing up students engaged them in learning. It leads to active conservations and discussions. It creates deeper learning as students articulate vocabulary and learning. I do not advocate using it every day, but use it! Please contact me if you have questions with this teaching method or tried it yourself, I would love to hear from you!

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