Stunning Student Coded Websites

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.20.20 PMAnother year completed teaching websites to students. At year’s end after spending 7 weeks on the website unit, I had a student tell me that she thought we spent way too little time learning how to code websites. Many students commented that this has been their favorite unit in all of middle school. Many of the sites created are spectacular! Here’s the site of the student displayed in the images:

Similar to last year, I used various resources to teach coding. I used some lessons from Khan Academy. Students really enjoyed doing General Assembly’s Dash lessons. They were very engaging and students like having a webpage that they created. But hands down, just like last year, the most engaging part of coding was when students made a live website.

What did we do this school year that was new?

  • Students created multiple pages in one site (instead of last year’s single webpage.
  • Students created a separate CSS page to put all of their styles in.
  • We used Github so their accounts wouldn’t be extinct after 3 months (as opposed to Microsoft Azure’s free 3 month student accounts).
  • Students created a bonus page of something they wanted to tell the world.
  • Students had to choose and stick to a color scheme for their whole site.

It was telling how much many students enjoyed learning to create web pages as many chose to make a website for their upcoming history report that was due. Here is Elijah’s project for his history class:

Elijah’s History Project

Here are a few more sites coded completely in CSS and html by students ages 13 and 14:

Please see my other blog posts regarding coding for more information on some of the programs used in the coding unit.

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