Genius Bar Officer Roles

In order to make Genius Bar more student run, I created the following leadership positions. Last year (near the end of the year) students read through the roles and responsibilities of each leadership position and then filled out a Google Form of which role they were most suited for. They put a 2nd and 3rd choice in as well.  Based on their requests and my knowledge of the student, I assigned students fitting roles for the following school year.

The entire club meets for a 17 minute class period each day. We can’t get a lot completed in this time because of announcements and such, but we also meet every other week during lunch. The lunch meeting is completely student run. Students see the President to put something on the agenda, then the president sees the secretary to make the agenda and the secretary goes over it with me so I can add something to the agenda if needed. The president facilitates the meeting with the officers and the next day the important information is highlighted by the Vice President.

Here are the student officer roles we have:

Genius Bar Officer Roles for 2016-2017


  • Provides leadership and direction to the club organization
  • Presides over Genius Bar club activities.
  • Runs club meetings.
  • Represents the club as a whole.
  • Responsible for making sure all officers are performing their duties.
  • Provides mentorship to new members

Vice President:

  • Assists the club president.
  • Recruits committees to manage a series of programs;
  • Obtains ideas from members and pass them onto the president.
  • Assumes the role and responsibilities of the president in the absence of the president.
  • Provides mentorship to new members.
  • Relays meeting minutes to club

Secretary: (Techretary!)

  • Records minutes for all meetings.
  • Keeps record of all important files (in shared Google Drive folder)
  • Calls attention to any unfinished business from past meetings.
  • Shares minutes with class

Service Coordinator for Students

  • Coordinates club activities as it pertains to servicing the technology needs of students.
  • Manages Open Genius Bar Hours by coordinating a schedule, and keeping log of hours served by members

Service Coordinator for Staff:

  • Coordinates club activities as it pertains to servicing the technology needs of Bancroft staff.
  • Tracks teachers & staff needs and keeps log of technology service performed for staff at the school.

Public Relations Chair:

  • Keep club bulletin board updated with quarterly photos and posters (? Will need to get approval to have a Bulletin Board in the 100 hallway)
  • Announces club activities to school through posters, flyers, announcements, and videos.
  • Helps to create club awareness among students and staff.
  • Schedules Spirit Days where Club members wear Genius Bar shirts.


  • Maintains Club webpage.
  • Teaches club members how to maintain and create web pages for teachers
  • Takes pictures to include on the webpage.


  • Responsible for training club members in video production
  • Builds on videography skills and learns apps and programs to train members
  • Manages the creation of video tutorials
  • Person who members come to with video ideas.
  • Presents ideas to get approval from club at meetings

Social Coordinator/Historian:

  • Coordinates bi monthly social events including lunches, games, and holiday parties
  • Creates end of the year club video (photographs/year end yearbook like)
  • Reminds members of dates of events
  • Takes pictures to include in the video, works with webmaster for pictures as well

**The last one one was added during the school year because we saw importance of it and was based on student suggestion.**


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