Another Year Celebrating Code!

Hour of Code is probably the best thing to happen to my classroom. .. .  EVER! I was teaching coding years before National Coding Week, but not to all of my classes and not to the extent that I do now. Perhaps National Coding Week gave me permission to focus on coding more, or maybe it just showed me how important it is for me to learn basic computer programming so I can teach my students. Needless to say adding coding into my curriculum feels important, and I’m so glad I can use the hype of the Week to get my students motivated and interested in possible careers in programming.

If you haven’t yet done activities for hour of Code, please see my journey in coding, I now feel confidant, but didn’t always. Just click the coding link for further articles on my journey in code.

This year I invited a professional in the field to visit my classroom and share coding with my students. Dr. Monje, a professor of programming at Cal State Long Beach came to 2 classes to share the possibilities of further exploration in Javascript.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-5-37-20-pm6th Grade Students: I used the Khan Lessons again that teaches basic understanding of writing code in order to create an animal in code. Students learn how to navigate drawing code using various functions of rect for rectangle, ellipse for ovals, lines, triangles, amongst others. They learn to color and learn how shapes are made through coordinates with x and  variables. They see math is involved, but the math is fairly easy through trial and error.

Here are a few projects that students coded last week:


Khan Academy Tutorial

8th Grade Students: My 8th grade students are learning coding as a 6 week unit in my class in Web development. They are learning both html and css and have used the tutorials in Khan Academy and in Dash to learn how to code websites. Students also used the free download of Visual Studio Code to learn how to create websites from scratch. We are only half way through the unit but below are websites that have been coded so far using the tutorials in Dash. Please see the blog I wrote on Web Developing with Dash created just yesterday.



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