Teaching through Contests

Students need authenticity. It is not enough for their teachers to tell them to turn a project in for a grade. They need an audience and a reason. Finding local, regional, state, national, and even global competitions allow an audience for your students to present to. What’s more is there are some pretty cool awards to!

This year I had students create a video for the Teen Dream Competition. Students were required to create a video that could be entered into this competition. (thought they were not required to enter). Students wrote a message, storyboarded ideas, directed, and acted in their video and edited and produced their finished videos. After turning the video in to me, and viewing their classmate’s videos they still had a month before the competition deadline to edit and redefine their videos before the official competition deadline. For a list of some other video competitions, see this website.

72 students created videos.  (all but one student, and I’m hoping she will turn hers in late) Here’s a compilation video of snippets of most of their videos:

18 planned to enter the competition.

5 students actually entered. Why such a low turnout? I think they were afraid of not winning. Next year I am going to make it about sharing the message more than actually the competition. Many of their dreams need to be shared as the messages are so important.  (Here are the final fantastic 5 videos below)



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