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Just when I thought I had weened myself from almost everything Microsoft…. Microsoft brilliantly entered  back into my classroom and into my heart! Enter Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Code. This is exactly what I was looking for!

As a teacher who has created whole coding units with my students, this couldn’t have come at a better moment. Last year I was struggling to display students’ coding projects, and this year students will all have web pages live on the internet thanks to this offer.

I have gone through the lessons and using Khan Academy’s lessons on html and css in combination with Choose to Code resources and Visual Studio Code my students have grasped a stronger knowledge of writing code of the web than they ever have in prior years. I believe I have found the perfect blend of lessons to teach html and css. I am eager to see the finished projects of my students.

I will be blogging soon showing student projects that were created, but in the meantime, if you teach coding, or if you have students who are eager to code. Do yourself and your students a favor, take advantage of this offer:

BONUS: The first 400 teachers to use this resource can earn a $750 donation to your Fund for Teachers account from Microsoft. See the website for more info and an informative short video.

Honestly the gift is the free hosting space, but if the bonus is what motivates you to use it, by all means get the bonus, I am planning to earn this bonus! 🙂

I can’t say enough positive remarks about Choose to Code and Visual Code Studio. Mindblown by this resource. Thank you!

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